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World Famous Pier French Fries - Like None Other!

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Mandi E

Sooo good we visit yearly. Our family has a tradition to take the 1 .5 hour drive once per year to OOB just to get our pier fries. They are the best of the best . You will not be disappointed.


Still Crazy (Good) After All These Years! I lived in OOB for three years back in the early 1990s, and visited this week with my wife. When I lived here I loved going to the “center” on Friday nights for a gyro and Pier Fries… sadly, the gyro food truck is no longer there, but the Pier Fries stand is still alive and kicking. The fries are still fabulous… my only complaint is they only offer white vinegar – IMHO they need to offer malt vinegar, as well. If I still lived in OOB, I’d still be coming here every Friday night, cuz the fries are: Still CRAZY (Good) After All These Years (with a tip of the cap to Paul Simon)!!


This is what dreams are made of. The fries have been going on there for 80 years. Salt, vinegar, ketchup and even gravy. Just can’t beat it! We dream of these fries all winter.