Old Orchard Beach

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Old Orchard Beach Maine: 7+ Miles of Sand & Sun!

Customer Reviews


Day trip from Kennebunk Camping to Old Orchard Beach. We arrived about 9:50 and luckily found parking at George’s parking … 20 bucks for the day and included bathroom and change room access … which was about a 5 minute or less walk to the beach. We setup comfortably on the beach which was clean and groomed. Kids enjoyed boogie board surfing in the waves. At lunch we grabbed pizza and brought back to beach. We did not go to the rides or shopping but there was plenty of both. Great beach day.


I am not sure how many years I have been coming here but a good guess is 16 years. It has changed but it is slow changes and nothing changed has been bad. I enjoy the beach and the water. The closer to the pier the more crowded it is so we usually stay around a mile away but close to the water. I like the idea of going back to the cottage for bath room breaks, lunch and etc. There are not a lot of public bathrooms . The water the last couple years has been full of something that looks like algae There is always something to do (amusements and food). Water is usual cold or very cold. I love OOB. And will be back.

george b

I’ve been going to Old Orchard beach for many years and it’s one of my favorites. It definitely has the feel of an old east coast resort town with amusement rides, and plenty of restaurants and older style hotels. Used to do lots of business with Canadian tourist, however Covid has changed that. One major complaint is the lack of public restrooms near the beach. There is only one and it is back on the Main Street and not convenient for anyone. Worse, they charge for it. Because of their lack of facilities, all businesses have big signs saying no public restrooms. They used to have restrooms right on the beach. They attract 100,000of thousand visitors a year, they can afford a restroom.