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Have to admit, I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. I always try and find time to come back. I hope in the future If and when i have kids i can bring them here. Until then I just have to borrow some nieces and nephews!

Nicole F

Despite some negative responses, I did love our family trip here. We found the park to be clean and we were there on a VERY busy day. We enjoyed both sides of the park greatly with our combo pass. I prefer when allowed, to bring in my own food and that was another perk to this park to save one money. We did purchase ice cream and I thought it was reasonable. My twins are 7 years old and about 52 inches. Being they are younger in age, but beyond the height max for some of the kiddie rides, my only complaint was the attendants stating “Oh, they are too tall for this ride”, yet, they let parents on with the tiniest humans. Come one, they are still little and just a few inches taller, let them ride! That was my only disappointment and what drove me to write this review for others with kiddos the same age/height range. Please allow consideration to your 6-7 year olds to ride kiddie rides. Your competitors do!!! But we will be back, it was a great park!

Maine 2019

We went here on our vacation and had a blast!! My autistic son, with his cousin loved that roller coaster! And he loved driving the cars on the runway!!! The price was pretty good and the water park was included…We are hoping to go again.