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Andrew S

I don’t know what reviewer Zoe is talking about. I actually went here on both 8/20 and 8/21. Came out with a pound of salt water taffy one day and with a pound of 4 different flavors of fudge the next day. Overwhelming amount of selections for both taffy and fudge. Staff was also extremely friendly.

Susa T

This stores selection was out of this world. My kids and husband had a fun time picking out loads of candy you don’t find everywhere, as well as tried and true favorites ! The store-made chocolates and salt-water taffy were delicious. It is definitely on the pricey side but that was expected of a candy store in a shore/tourist spot such as OOB.


This candy shop is a GEM of a place in OOBeach. There is one close to the pier BUT if you walk up the street there is a larger one located on the right side. Amazing owner, staff and layout. The candy choices are something you have never seen before. There are a variety of ice cream choices at the back of this place. We always visit when we come to OOBeach and walk away with ice cream and candy. The owner has an open policy to their clean restrooms which is hard to find in OOB. Seating outside is a great place to enjoy your ice cream and watch the tourists. Love this place!!!