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Broad Reach Sailing

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Experience the Coast of Maine

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Our 2 hour sunset cruise was a beautiful and relaxing experience. Bob and Abby were very enjoyable to listen to as they described the history of the area and their own sailing experiences. They answered all of our questions, but also let us enjoy the peace of the sunset and sounds on the water. Bob let me help put up the sails which was fun. (thanks! :-) ) The entire experience was wonderful. Thank you Bob and Abby!


What to say about this experience? Truly a highlight among travel experiences anywhere! We had a group of six, so it was just us onboard. We showed up with takeout lobster rolls, sides & cocktails for dinner. Captain Bob set out a table for us and plated everything & poured our cocktails over ice into wine glasses, while First Mate Jonas serenaded us in seven different languages (totally optional & not guaranteed part of the service; I think we just lucked out!). In any case, they let us know the history of the islands we passed & pointed out wildlife. Just generally all around amazing trip!

John B

The crew was very knowledgeable and was able to answer answer any questions that we had. The experience of sailing was a first for us and we really enjoyed it. The weather did not permit us to get a nice sunset experience however the process of getting dark and how everything worked on the boat was amazing. The crew also made the best of the experience as well showing and explaining the different sights that we could see.